Wednesday, December 31

CoffeeShop Sample Website!

This website is a CoffeeShop design sample. I install a beautiful new template that allows you to post large images that look great on tiny smart phones (and has plenty of room on the top and button for buttons, gadgets, etc), a top header with your logo/title, an optional photo slideshow under the header,  a drop-down menubar (with custom social buttons such as Facebook and Pinterest), a post divider between each post, favicon and a customized background surrounding your site.  My website designs run beautifully on computers, tablets, and smart phones.
If you would rather have a website/blog that has a sidebar, please click here to see a sample!

My designs also come with full installation on your Blogger-hosted site and  detailed instructions for  maintaining your site and updating the design elements and menubar.  I also include a set of web storyboards to display your images, perfectly sized to fit your new website.

My design fee is a one-time cost and Blogger hosts your new site for free!  Additionally, Blogger is owned by Google, so your new site is automatically sent to Google search.

I can design blogs or websites for photographers, crafters, bloggers, artists, digital designers, etc.  I love working with newbies and I will make sure you love your new site.

Any questions?  Just email Rita at  I look forward to designing for you!

Sunday, December 4

The Boy

This is a photo of my oldest a few years ago.

Saturday, December 3

My Dog

This is a photo of Maple.
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